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Online Calculators

A good online calculator is easy to use and effective in helping us make sound financial decisions. We've build a series of calculators that meet this exacting standard. The goal is to help you better understand the important financial decisions we all have to make.

We continue to add to our collection of calculators, so check back often for updates.

Debt Snowball Calculator

The debt snowball calculator helps you figure out the best way to tackle your debt. Enter all of your debts, and the calculator will compare the debt snowball approach (paying extra on your smallest debt) with the debt avalanche approach (paying extra on the debt with the highest rate). Registered users can save their data.

Simple Loan Payment Calculator

Our simple loan payment calculator will determine your monthly payment on any loan. Just enter the amount of the loan, interest rate, and length of the loan, and calculator does the rest.

Latte Factor Calculator

Small amounts of money, invested over time, grow into substantial wealth. The Latte Factor calculator shows you how much your money will grow over time. You'll see the results for daily, weekly, and monthly amounts invested up to 40 years.